Boat Airdopes 391 Review, Sound Quality, Pros and Cons

Boat Airdopes 391 wireless earbuds: In this post, we are going to review Boat airdopes 391 tws earbuds (which is newly launched latest boat airdopes) and will talk about its sound quality, features, specifications, pros and cons to see if it’s really a good buy or not for our money.

In the end, we also did a comparison between Boat Airdopes 391 vs 381 wireless earbuds to find all the differences that set them apart from each other.

Boat Airdopes 391 Review

Boat Airdopes 391 Review, Sound Quality, Pros and Cons

Boat Airdopes 391 Specs:

Model Boat airdopes 391 tws earbuds
Battery : 400mAh(Case) 45mAh*2 (Earbuds), 23 hours backup
Charging : ASAP charging with Type C port
Driver : 6mm Drivers
Buttons : capacitive touch
Warranty : 12 months
Bluetooth : v5.0
Other Features : IPX4 Water and Sweat Resistant, Call Noise Isolation, Qualcomm aptX audio technology, IWP, Built-in mic

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Boat airdopes 391 earbuds are latest lauched boat aerbuds that comes under 2000 rupees price with qualcomm technoloy audio chips. 

These earbuds come in 3 stylish and beautiful colours- Boat Airdopes 391 active black, Fiery Blue & Spirite lime.

Boat Airdopes 391 Features:

  • Latest Boat 391 airdopes comes with 6mm drive size which delivers powerful bass and an overall immersive aural HD sound experience.
  • These eabuds equipped with qualcomm chips to with latest aptX audio technology to enchance the audio quality.
  • Calling quality also enchanced with Qualcomm cVc call noise isolation, means clear calls with no unwanted sound.
  • The build quality also very good so that you can use without any worries.
  • These earbuds are ergonomically designed to comfortably fits on your ears and gives no itch or pain in ears even you didn’t wear-off for hours.
  • Boat airdopes 391 has the latest Bluetooth v5.0 and can give connectivity up to 10 meters.
  • This model also comes with IWP (Insta wake n pair) technology, means as soon as you open the case these will automatically connect with your device.
  • It is also IPX4 waterproof certified so that your music/video experience never interrupt even you are in rain or sweating in the gym.
  • 391 airdopes Earbuds comes with 400mah case which can easily charge with type C port and has total of 23 hours playback time once it’s full charge that only takes 40 minutes. If we talk about playtime for earbuds on per charge from the case it gives around 5.5 hours playtime on per charge for earbuds. Means you can fully charge earbuds 3-4 times from carrying case.
  • Compant promised that 5 minutes charging give 90 minutes playback time, that’s how fast airdopes 391 charge.
  • Boat airdopes 391 wireless earbuds has capacitive touch control on the outer side to play/pause, activate google assistant and answer the calls.

Boat Airdopes 391 Pros and Cons:


  • Best tws earbuds under 2000
  • Sound quality is good with deep bass
  • Call quality also very promising.
  • Snapdragon Qalcomm chip inside
  • Stylish looking and attractive design
  • Comfortably fits on ears
  • Comes in 3 trending colours
  • Good battery backup with fast charging support
  • Connecting speed is really fast with Instant wake n pair Technology(Earbuds power on automatically as one opens the case).


  • Only IPX4 certified, even lower than boat 381 model which ipx5 certified.

Boat Airdopes 391 Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, Boat Airdopes 391 comes with 6mm dual dynamic drivers with Qualcomm aptX audio technology to give enhanced sound experience.

With these earbuds you are not going to get HD clear sound but also getting deep bass. That I think bass lovers going to like most.

Boat airdopes 391 call quality

Boat airdopes 391 microphones are equipped with Qualcomm call cVc call noise isolation technology and every earbud is capable to cancel background noise that gives clear sound to the next person on calls.

Wheater it is calls, zoom meetings, or multiplayer gaming Boat airdopes 391 mic going to win your heart and provides a 100%satisfactory experience.

And the best part is you even record noise-free videos with it because of boat 391 noise-cancelling feature.

Boat airdopes 391 Battery life

Boat airdopes 391 comes with 400mAh battery in the case and 45mAh in every earbud that can give upto 23 hours combined playtime backup with 100% charge.

And the best part airdopes 391 comes with better optimized ASAP fast charging technology that can charge earbuds for 90 minutes of playtime in just 5 mins charging, that’s insane!

And to full charge the boat 391 to 100% only takes around 40 minutes that’s how fast it’s charging.

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Boat Airdopes 391: How to use

On the first time, when you received your ordered boat 391 earbuds charge them for around 5 to 10 minutes so if there is no charge available then with your charging it will be ready to use.

After that enable your phone’s Bluetooth then Open the boat airdopes 391 case, put out the left earbuds first from the case as it’s the primary earbud if it lights blinking red and blue then it’s ready to connect then after few seconds put out the right earbuds.

Now go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and search for new devices, here you can see these earbuds names as Airdopes 391.

Click on them to connect.

That’s all your boat airdopes 391 Bluetooth headset is now connected with your phone.

Boat 391 comes with updated IWP (instant wake and pair) technology so every time you open the case these earbuds will automatically be connected to your phone.

If you want to reset the earbud or on/of then long press for 8 to 10 seconds, it will reset the earbuds.

Boat airdopes 391 Touch Control Actions

While listening to music or watching videos you can pause them with one touch on earbuds, next select with 2 times touch on earbuds, and go back to the previous song/video with 3 taps. If you got a call then with one touch you can answer the call and end the outgoing call. With 2 touches you can cut the call.

  • 1 touch- for pick up/ending the call
  • 2 touch- for cut the call

With a long press of 3 seconds on the touch of boat 391, you can activate the voice assistant of your phone.

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Boat Airdopes 391 vs 381: Comaprison side by side

SpecsBoat Airdopes 391Boat Airdopes 381
Model :Boat airdopes 391 tws earbudsBoat airdopes 381 tws earbuds
Battery : 400mAh(Case) 45mAh*2 (Earbuds)500mAh, charge 4 times the earbuds
Charging :ASAP fast charging with Type C, 90 mins playback with 5 mins chargeASAP fast charging with Type C, 60 mins playback with 5 mins charge
Full charge :Around 40 minutes60-90 minute
Driver :6mm Drivers7mm Drivers
Buttons :capacitive touchcapacitive touch
Waterproof : IPX5 waterproof and sweat resistant IPX5 waterproof and sweat resistant
Warranty :12 months12 months
Bluetooth :V5.0V5.0
Noise cancellation :✔️✔️
Low-latency mode :
Other Features :Call Noise Isolation, Qualcomm aptX audio technology, IWP, Built-in micIWP, Stereo Hands-free with Built-in Mic, Immersive Audio, Super Touch Controls
Looking :BOAT Airdopes 391 - boAt Boat Airdopes 441 vs 381 vs 481: Review, Specs and Price Comparison
Price :
Boat airdopes 391 vs Boat airdopes 381 : side by side comparison

read full comparison: Boat airdopes 391 vs 381 here

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FAQ: Most Asked Question about Boat Airdopes 391 Tws Earbuds

Boat Airdopes 391 Price?

Boat airdopes 391 battery?

400 mAh case & 45mAh in buds with fast charging, 90 mins playtime in just 5-minute charge.

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