Amazon Sale  Boat Soundbar Comparison Boat 1200 vs 1250

Boat Aavante Bar 1200 vs 1250 Comparison:

Are you confused between boat aavante 1200 vs 1250, and don’t know which one is the best soundbar for your TV. Then don’t worry,


Sound Quality

As for audio quality, both soundbars have the same and identical specs, both equipped with 2.1 built-in channel 80W (40W soundbar speakers + 40W wired subwoofer) output and have the same 3D surround sound with the deep bass feature. Plus it has various entertainment modes like NEWS, MOVIES, MUSIC and 3D for a true listening experience for all types of content that normally the audience likes.



Even both subwoofers have the same wired connectivity options and 40W output. But you can see a difference in their design where Boat aavante bar 1200 subwoofer has a round woofer hole, Boat aavante bar 1250 has a triangular shape.


Connectivity Options

– Boat aavante bar 1200 – Bluetooth v4.2 – Boat aavante bar 1250 – Bluetooth v5.0 (latest verison)


Which one you should buy:

After reviewing these soundbars, with a doubt Boat aavante bar 1250 is a good choice for consumers to buy as it has some upgraded features like Bluetooth version, audio config. and designs at the same price of the 1200 soundbar. So final conclusion is going for the Boat 1250 soundbar.


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