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Some words about us.

Basant Kumar infigadgets

Hi, am Basant Founder of Infigadgets & many others or you can simply call me Betu, My mom gives me this nickname. But all of you my digital family, so you can also call me by that name.

Basically, am from Jharkhand but living in Faridabad, Haryana since my birth.

I am a technical geek who loves to play with technology, a player who is learning and earning his lifestyle from technology.

As a founder of Infigadgets, we provide all the latest gadget leaks, launch updates, their specs, price, and their comparisons.

Infigadgets is one stop for all the people who want to stay updated about technology and gadgets.

Infigadgets main part is to help people to find a deal in a particular gadget. which user wants to buy, by providing them the cheapest price from multiple trusted sites at one place.

So, you don’t have to go again and again different sites for just checking their prices.

Even you can set price alerts of that gadget at your desired price. So, when the product comes to your set price, you will get a notification.

And it is easier with our comparing feature so you can get the best product at the cheapest price.

In 1 year since we started our site, we helped more than 8,000 people to find the best gadgets at the cheapest prices. And the number is still counting as we are talking now!

Feeling proud… ? That we help so many!

How we founded Infigadgets.com

As I mentioned it before am a technical geek who just loves to play with technology and it’s all since from my childhood.

Many times, it happens that my Dad just buys the latest TVs, VCRs/DVDs, mobile phones which were available in the market at that time. So you can say that I got my geek self from my Dad.

when my Dad was out or sleeping, my inside geek awakens. I just can’t stop myself from testing them or knowing what features it got.

Sometimes it also happened that I broke them or put them in a state that it wasn’t’ be in warranty. Then I got prices for my this epic work. You know what’s I mean, Slaps..

3 years from 2018, when I am still college. Now am buying online stuffs a lot cheaper prices then others buying, i mean 60-80% cheaper. So my friends also want to buy at those cheap prices.

And that’s the starting of my story…

I simply just made a group on WhatsApp with all friends and family members, who want to be notified when gadgets/products prices got cheaper than their daily prices.

Slowly-Slowly this group became boarder. And my WhatsApp got the list of name with Deal Loot Deal list #1, #2, #3 so on.

So, I think about it, there are still many people who want to this loot deals. And got the idea to making a site.

Finally, we made this Infigadgets.com

A one-stop website for all people like us, who can buy smartly and efficiently with us.

Want to contact us

Emails us: support@infigadgets.com

Or simply just send us a message.

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